Top100 Investors in European real estate

Rankings based on Assets Under Management (AUM) and Deal Volume by PropertyEU  

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The top investors rankings for 2022 (detailing activity in 2021) will be a most interesting assessmet of market activity for European real estate.  Which companies remained active in the wake of a global pandemic? Which asset classes have become more attractive to investors? and which countries have investors flocked to in search of secure returns? 

Since 2013, PropertyEU has been providing rankings and analysis of those involved in European property investing.

Two different rankings are produced in our PropertyEU magazine: Top100 Investors Assets Under Management (AUM) and Top100 Investors Deals & Dealmakers. 

The former consists of a ranking of firms measured by total AUM the previous calendar year, while the latter considers the total deal volume counting both buying and selling during a calendar year. The higher the AUM or deal volume, the higher up the raking a company is placed.

Our next ranking list will be Top100 Deals and Dealmakers of 2021, featuring in the June edition of PropertyEU. 

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The rankings cover the broad range of institutions that invest in European real estate, including listed property companies, insurance-owned investment managers, private equity firms, bank-owned platforms, asset managers owned by pension funds, and property services-owned investment managers.

As well as the Rankings, our magazine coverage provides analysis by slicing and dicing the data into various subsets. For example, we publish charts and tables by country-of-origin, type of investor, real estate market and asset class. 


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