PropertyEU Products

There are two membership options to access Premium Content. These are available to purchase via our webshop. These membership options include some/or all of the following products:

Latest news
Every day PropertyEU editorial staff write approximately 10-15 articles which are published in the Daily News and available via the Newsletter. Some of these articles are complementary to all our readers and those articles tagged Premium Content which are added value articles are only available to our paying members.

Archive news
Since our inception in 2006 more than 30,000 articles have been written and are linked to related articles to enable members to find the most relevant information and deal data.

Analysis and Research
Added value Premium Content for our members is written for the following sections on the PropertyEU website: Office Watch, Retail Watch, Logistics Watch, Living Watch, Alternatives Watch, Capital Watch, Finance Watch, People Watch, M&A Watch, Market Watch.  

Digital Magazine
The digital version of PropertyEU magazine is available to all paying Members to view via PC, tablet or mobile phone. This magazine is published approximately 10 times per year. 

Print publications - Magazine and Special Publications
The print version of PropertyEU magazine is available to all paying Premium Members. Special publications: Retail Watch & Firestarters (PropTech).  

Who's Who is a directory of Europe's real estate dealmakers, this is available online for all our users.