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Deals section
A roundup of the biggest news on companies, investments, developments and finances.

News sectionFrom the Editor-in-Chief
Commentary on the latest trends and developments in the European real estate market.

A roundup of the top real estate deals and developments in the leading markets in Europe including all sectors (office, retail, logistics, residential and alternatives.

An in-depth report discussion with one of Europe’s leading real estate executives in the listed and non-listed sector plus industry representatives.

Finance & Markets
Interviews with fund managers, chief investment officers and lenders; analysis of the latest company news and fund raising.

Investment Briefings
Wrap-up of our monthly panel discussions with leading experts on investment opportunities, developments and finance in key markets and sectors.

Research Section
In-depth report based on our annual surveys of top investors, brokers, developers and financiers; overviews and summaries of research from other sources.

Rics Europe Section
Latest news and research from RICS and interviews with leading executives.

Commentary from thought leaders and real estate specialists.

People Section
The latest appointments and news on the movers and shakers in Europe’s real estate industry

Topics and monthly features PropertyEU Magazine 2016


Booking-deadline: January 18

Material-deadline: January 21

This months topics and features:

European Real Estate Investment Outlook Shanghai and Beijing

ULI Europe Conference - Connect with the world of Real Estate

Deal of the Month / Deal of the Decade

Extra distribution at:

ULI Europe Conference          February 2-3    Paris


Booking-deadline: February 29

Material-deadline: March 3

This months topics and features:

MIPIM - The leading Real Estate event for property professionals

News from the Investment Briefings held in February

Topics: Residential & Student Housing, European Logistics and Nordics

Deal of the Month February

Special report - Top Investors Dealmakers & Investment locations

Extra distribution at:

MIPIM                                              March 15-18       Cannes

ICSC European Outlet Conference           March 22           London

ICSC Retail Connections                          March 23             London 


Booking-deadline: March 29

Material-deadline: April 1

This months topics and features:

Top Retail Developers

Focus on private equity (INREV Conference)

ICSC Annual Conference - Authenticity: Differentiating Retail

News from the Investment Briefings held in March

Topics: Student Housing, Logistics and Capital Flows

Deal of the Month March

Special report - Retail Watch

Extra distribution at:

ICSC Annual Conference                  April 18-19      Milan

INREV                                          April 20-21        Vienna


Booking-deadline: May 9

Material-deadline: May 12

This months topics and features:

Top Logistics Developers & Investors

News from the Investment Briefings held in April

Topics: Germany and Global Capital Flows

Deal of the Month April 

Extra distribution at:

MAPIC Italy                                   May 24-25      Milan


Booking-deadline: May 23

Material-deadline: May 26

This months topics and features:

Top Office / Mixed-used Developers & Investors

Country report: Benelux

Provada - The next step, introducing the European Business Lounge concept

News from the Investment Briefings held in May

Topics: European Debt Finance, Southern Europe, Future of Funds and Hotel Investments

Deal of the Month May

Extra distribution at:

ICSC Marketing Conference           June 8-10           Berlin

PROVADA                                  June 7-9            Amsterdam

Siec                                             June 15-16      Paris


Booking-deadline: August 22

Material-deadline: August 25

This months topics and features:

Top Developers all sectors

Student Housing report

Expo Real Preview - What’s on, Who to meet, Where to go

News from the Investment Briefings held in June

Topics: Europe Outlook, New York, Dubai, London, Paris and Frankfurt

Deal of the Month July/ August 

Extra distribution at:

EPRA                                 September     


Booking-deadline: September 19

Material-deadline: September 22

Topics and features:

Top Lenders
Expo Real - Building networks
News from the Investment Briefings held in September
Opportunities Netherlands, CEE, Germany, Southern Europe and France
Deal of the Month September

Special report - Top 100 Investors

Extra distribution at:
Expo Real 4-6 October in Munich
MIPIM UK 19-21 October in London


Booking-deadline: 31 October
Material-deadline: 3 November

This months topics and features:

Top Retail Investors
MAPIC - The International Retail Property Market
News from the Investment Briefings held in October


Residential, Logistics, Germany, Nordics, Retail and Asset-Management
Deal of the Month October

Special report - Retail Watch

Extra distribution at:

MAPIC, Cannes, November
ICSC Retail & Trends Conference, November


Booking-deadline: 5 December
Material-deadline: 8 December

Topics and features:

Year in review - highlights per sector
News from the Investment Briefings held in November (Starting the Outlook series)
Deal of the Month November / Announcing the nominees for Deal of the Year 2016

Extra distribution at:

Simi                          December   Paris

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