Regular content in PropertyEU magazine

PropertyEU publishes a monthly magazine filled with the latest news, analysis, and research on the European real estate sector. 

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Key topics


Regular features in the magazine include: 

News section
Commentary on the latest trends and developments in the European real estate market.

Deals section
The top real estate investment transactions in the leading markets in Europe including all sectors (office, retail, logistics, residential and alternatives.

In-depth discussions with Europe's leading real estate executives in the listed and non-listed sector.

Investment Briefings
Reports of our monthly panel discussions with leading experts on investment opportunities, developments, and finance in key European real estate markets and sectors.

Research Section
In-depth reports based on our annual surveys of top real estate investors, brokers, project developers, and financiers; overviews and summaries of research from other sources.

Commentary from thought leaders and real estate specialists.

People Section
Latest appointments and news on the movers and shakers in Europe’s real estate industry

Rics Europe section
Latest news and research from RICS and interviews with leading executives. (Published four times a year)

PropertyEU subscribers

Investor, Investor Manager,  Asset Manager  28%
Banking, Financials   22%
Advisors, Brokers  19%
Developers    17%
Lawyers   6%
Government    4%
End-users      2%
Other 2%


Magazine subscribers per country

United Kingdom                    25%
Germany                              20%
Benelux                               17%
Southern Europe 
(incl. Turkey)                        12%
France                                  8%
CEE Region (incl. Russia)        8%
Nordics                                 6%
USA                                      2%
Asia                                      2%