ULI Europe Young Leaders Podcast: Ross Bailey

Ross Bailey, founder of Appear Here (UK), has discussed his radical business idea of an online marketplace for retailers and pop-up shops, changing the way we think about conventional retail spaces. Click here to listen to the podcast

The 30-year-old entrepreneur of British Jamaican roots hit upon an idea several years ago to help creatives, start-ups, brands, and ecommerce launch their products at available retail spaces on flexible terms using Appear Here’s platform.

Since its advent, the model has been seen as a ‘disruptor’ given the way traditional leases are not part of the offer.

Bailey says: ‘A lot of landlords disliked the idea. What we are are saying is, “Look, just because it has been done one way, it doesn’t mean the outcome can’t be the same if it is done another way."'

‘In many ways, that retail of the past which refuses to change has disappeared. And this new retail - this resilient retail whether it is small entrepreneurs or ecommerce businesses or brands - they are all launching offline and doing things differently.’

‘And they are finding they need a model that works for them in that world. That is what we are trying to bridge, and lots of forward-thinking landlords see it that way.’

In the podcast, Bailey talks about his youth, when it was evident from an early age that he was an entrepreneur at heart. At one point, his parents came home to find the garden full of dogs! Listeners can find out why by clicking the link below.

He outlines an unconventional higher educational route to success, and the avenue that set him firmly on the path to his current business. Covid came as a huge business shock, and Bailey candidly discusses just how dramatic things became.

But with the company on a surer footing now, he is able to reflect on growth, the property industry, leadership and modern approaches to using physical space. Listeners can find out why he feels certain terms used in the property industry are ‘dehumanising’ and learn which terms are more relevant to use. The podcast can be found here.

This is the first episode of the 2022 ULI’s New Real Estate Vanguard, ‘Build and Disrupt’ series, hosted by PropertyEU's Robin Marriott.

Season 2 features individuals who have shown entrepreneurial flair or shaken up the corporate world and are actively reshaping the real estate industry with their vision and bold ideas. More information can be found here.

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