UK co-living pioneer enters German market with opening of Berlin office

The Collective, a UK-based co-livingfirm with operational sites in London and New York City, is entering the German housing market with a focus on developments in the country's seven major cities.

The firm has appointed directors Björn Munte and Niels Berl to oversee the company’s Berlin offices, which will be responsible for realising The Collective’s co-living projects in Germany, comprising the revitalisation of characterful existing properties as well as newly developed concepts.

Niels Berl will be responsible for investment, having previously served as an associate director for the German market at Terra Firma Capital Partners, while Björn Munte will lead on development, leveraging his experience in the development of major projects at Cresco Capital Group and the Acrest Property Group.

'We plan to develop and manage several thousand co-living units in major German cities in the coming years, which we hope will achieve the same popularity among members as the sites already flourishing in London,' commented Björn Munte.

The group is looking for sites in the largest German cities and is open for cooperation with development partners, added Niels Berl. 'For each development in Germany we will take a site-specific approach that prioritises a strong local focus. Our ambition is to create spaces that are an active part of the community and neighbourhoods.'

The Collective is currently focused on the delivery of 8,500 co-living units globally. This autumn The Collective opens its first location in New York City, The Paper Factory, and the world’s largest co-living building – The Collective Canary Wharf – in London.


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