Paref promotes CFO to deputy CEO

Antoine Onfray, chief financial officer of French investment manager Paref, which is controlled by China's Fosun, has been appointed deputy CEO of the group.

According to Paref, he will be responsible for finance, acquisitions, general administration and IT systems.

In a general meeting, Paref also voted to extend its board of directors to include Valérie Guillen, an independent director, who brings more than 30 years of real estate and financial experience.

Elvis Liu, a representative of Fosun, has also been appointed to the board. Paref said he would contribute considerable international expertise, thanks to his position as general manager of the European arm of Fosun Hive.

The appointment of these directors brings the Paref board to nine directors, according to the company, 44% of which is women, with one third now independent directors.


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