Panattoni: servicing the European logistics supply chain from the Lowlands

Jeroen Gerritsen, managing director of Panattoni Netherlands, looks back on a successful start since launching the Dutch operations in 2020.

In an interview with PropertyEU’s Logistics Watch, Gerritsen discusses Panattoni’s Dutch projects, the challenges in the market and his vision for the years to come.

LW: Can you tell us about Panattoni and its Dutch launch in 2020?

Jeroen Gerritsen (JG): Panattoni Netherlands is part of Panattoni Development Company, one of the largest industrial developers in the world, with 48 offices in North America and Europe. Having delivered around 7 million m2 and deployed around €6 bn of capital in the last three years in Europe, we are the largest industrial European developer for the sixth time in a row. The Dutch operations started in 2020 with a head office in Amsterdam.

It was clear that the Netherlands would be a welcome addition to the European operations as we are a logistic hub to the German hinterland, while at the same time we are also a very good alternative for logistics companies which were formerly executing their business out of the UK where Brexit shifted the playing field for them.

Besides these factors, the e-fulfilment and e-commerce market increased enormously in the past few years, creating a huge demand for warehouses on the mainland. Dutch infrastructure including five airports, sea ports, a fast network of inland terminals, railway options as well as a good motorway structure, is also key. Our team now consists of 18 colleagues with expertise to handle our current portfolio of 12 projects.

LW: Where are the projects located, is there a focus on specific regions?

JG: Our projects are spread over the country as we see a trend that the logistics hotspots are expanding all over. We are indeed fortunate to have projects in the Rotterdam area (access to the port of Rotterdam), the South of the Netherlands (direct access to the hinterland of Germany and Belgium) and in various other locations where the existing infrastructure offers our tenants optimal circumstances to execute their business.

As mentioned before, we have a portfolio of 12 projects and six are already under construction: Wessem, Roermond and Heerlen in the province of Limburg, Groningen, Moerdijk and ’s-Heerenberg. Needless to say, we develop according to the BREEAM Very Good standard and the surrounding area of our projects in terms of flora and fauna are carefully looked after.

We are constantly looking for new innovations to facilitate energy transition in the logistic sector, for example by building off the grid solutions and facilitating the electrical charging of trucks and cars. Health and well-being for future employees is also a component for which we are in close contact with the future tenants in our warehouses.

LW: How do you see the next years for Panattoni Netherlands?

JG: As the importance of the Netherlands as a logistic hub in Europe remains very strong, we have faith in sourcing opportunities in the coming years. Due to our relationship and network with local government, regional government and of course the tenants we serve, new opportunities are identified.

By applying this local focus with international vision, I have faith in developing more either greenfield or brownfield warehouses because I know I have the right team in place to accomplish our goals and objectives. In addition to that we have a strong link to investors and national and international tenants. You will hear more from Panattoni Netherlands! No doubt about that.


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