Niam to develop tallest office high rise in Finland

Niam, the Nordic specialist, has agreed to acquire a development project, Kalasataman Horisontti, from listed construction company SRV for a 26-storey tower.

The 11,700 sqm project will boast Finland’s tallest office tower spanning 111 metres over 26 floors located on top of the existing shopping centre Redi, a 5-minute metro ride from Helsinki centre.

Antti Muilu, country manager for Niam Finland, said: ‘The premises will offer the tenants and visitors a unique experience and a reason to come to the office. Through this project Niam and SRV will create a magnificent landmark building that will meet the qualitative and functional requirements of users now and in the future.’

Saku Sipola, president & CEO of SRV, said there had been a long joint development phase. ‘It’s great to be able to start up the construction of this project with Niam after the long joint development phase. Launching Horisontti right now shows that there is demand for a unique tower construction concept in the business premises market even in the current market situation.’

The premises will be adaptable in terms of state-of-the-art building systems, enabling high energy-efficiency, adaptable premises, suitability for multiple purposes and a working environment that supports well-being and interaction.

The 24th floor of Horisontti will also feature the highest scenic restaurant in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The restaurant – open to everyone – with views over the Helsinki metropolitan area all the way to Tallinn.

Construction work will begin in April 2023 and will be completed in spring 2025. SRV is to secure a LEED Platinum certification.


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