Neinver reopens adapted outlet centres in Poland and Germany

Spanish multinational outlet specialist Neinver has reopened it five Factory-branded outlet centres in Poland as of 4 May, following the successful relaunch of its The Style Outlets centres in Germany two weeks ago.

Neinver said that the Factory centres in Warsaw, Krakow, Gliwice and Poznan had implemented reopening plans in coordination with brands and authorities to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

Across Poland, stores, shopping malls and hotels were given the green light to reopen on 4 May, after a government decision to ease lockdown measures for commercial trade. Cultural institutions, including libraries, museums and art galleries have also been partially relaunched, with nurseries and pre-schools expected to open on 6 May.

The Style Outlets centres located in Halle Leipzig (Saxony) and Montabaur (Rhineland-Palatinate) were the first to resume operations in compliance with new health, social-distancing and safety protocols. Nearly 90% of the shops in Halle Leipzig opened, with 70% of stores resuming in Montabaur.

The main precautions adopted at Neinver-managed centres include disinfection, cleaning and sanitising of spaces, monitoring air quality for indoor centres, access control, and other measures to prevent contagion. In terms of the operation and logistics of the shops and their staff, special measures have been taken for the intake of goods and for stock management, as well as for employees’ safety.

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser dispensers have been made available to visitors at each entrance and elsewhere in the centres, and in both Germany and Poland, visitors are required to wear masks while on site. The security and access-control teams ensure compliance with health and safety measures and social distancing.

Neinver said it had deployed multidisciplinary teams to coordinate the relaunch of various centres in every country where it does business, and was in ongoing open dialogue with local governments and brands to coordinate a variety of tasks to tee up further openings.


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