Mipim invites young professionals to challenge the real estate industry

Mipim, the global trade organisation, has launched a new initiative providing an opportunity for young built environment professionals from across the world to make the case at Mipim for new solutions to the biggest challenges facing the real estate industry.

Known as Mipim Challengers, the initiative will select 16 challengers under the age of 30 through an essay contest. These contenders will be invited to the Mipim trade show on 12-15 March 2024 in Cannes, where they will get to pitch their ideas to key real estate leaders.

To apply for the Mipim Challengers programme, candidates are required to submit a 600-word essay in English, addressing the question: 'What is the most crucial challenge confronting global urban development, and how can young professionals contribute to its solution?'

The first Challengers cohort will be selected from the 16 best essays as judged by a panel of real estate experts. The panel will look for essays that exhibit:

· clear understanding of the problem
· originality
· critical thinking
· a global perspective
· a call to action.

Nicolas Kozubek, Mipim director, said: 'If we are serious about transforming real estate, we must hear from those at the cutting edge of the discussion. The Mipim Challengers initiative empowers young trailblazers with solutions for global urban development's pressing issues and encourage the industry to create a better urban landscape for future generations.'

Here is a link to the initiative


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