Leisure motivating CEE consumers to head to shopping centres - Colliers

According to new research from Colliers International, which has studied the entertainment sector in 13 CEE countries, the leisure offer in shopping centres is boosting footfall across the territory.

While the entertainment offer is dominated by multiplex cinemas and fitness clubs, also other concepts are also being added to the mix. Czech consumers spend the most on recreation and culture - an average of €38.23 per month.

The entertainment industry has been developing dynamically over the last several years, the report suggets. Shopping centre developers and owners are increasingly aware that an innovative and attractive entertainment offer is an indispensable part of each shopping centre, regardless of its geographical location.

There are over 452 cinemas and multiplexes in shopping centres in 13 CEE countries, the highest number of which was recorded in Poland (over 125). In most countries of the region, both network and local cinemas owned by domestic operators are still dominant. An example of a cinema operator is Polish Helios, which is the leader in terms of the number of multiplexes in Poland.

Kevin Turpin, Regional Director of Research, CEE said: 'Many countries, such as the Czech Republic, Belarus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia or Romania maintain small local cinemas, which are an integral part of the culture and traditions of the regions. Their work is supported by grants from local government budgets.'

Despite the fact that the entertainment market in shopping centres is dominated mainly by multiplexes and fitness clubs, some concepts seem to work better in certain countries. The report says that in Poland, dance schools proliferate, while wellness centres are popular in the Czech Republic. Centres in Slovakia, Latvia and Belarus often have casinos.

'In Poland one of the most dynamically developing concepts are complexes which offer a variety of escape rooms and labyrinths, for example TEPfactor and Jump World entertainment centres,' said Dominika Jedrak, director, research and consultancy services. 'The largest number of this type of tenants (121) is observed in Ukraine, which is the region's leader in this respect.'

Among all the inhabitants of the CEE countries, the Czechs spend the most on recreation and culture - an average of €38.23 per month - followed by Latvia (€35.60), Slovakia (€22.46) and Poland (€17.89).

The lowest density of tenants representing the entertainment & leisure sector in shopping centres (taking into account the number of inhabitants per tenant in the centre) finds the fewest cinemas in Belarus, the lowest amount of fitness clubs in Albania, and the least number of kids' facilities in the Czech Republic.


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