International Campus to develop new student residence in Krakow

European student housing specialist International Campus has joined forces with Alkyon Partners to develop an apartment building for students and young professionals in Krakow, Poland.

The scheme, which will be operated by International Campus under its 'The Fizz' brand, is located on the science and technology campus in the central Zablocie neighbourhood, and will boast around 1,000 apartments for students and young professionals, 88 underground parking spaces and 33 outdoor parking spaces and racks for around 970 bikes.

Alexander Gulya, head of international development of International Campus Group, said: 'Krakow is the cultural, scientific and economic centre of southern Poland, and the heart of a region of more than nine million people. The city is booming and has a young, international and vibrant technology and start-up scene that is attracting many well-educated young people. What may surprise many is that there are more young people studying in Krakow than in Berlin, Vienna or Prague.'


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