Immochan changes its name to Ceetrus

Immochan is changing its name to Ceetrus to illustrate its evolution from a commercial real estate company to a mixed-use real estate developer.

The change of name, formalised on June 5, 2018, is related to its Vision 2030 strategy which states that Ceetrus has a mission to build links between citizens by creating sustainable, smart and lively places. Ceetrus’ new name combines the words 'city', 'see', 'trust' and 'us'.

Ceetrus has 393 shopping centres around the world and is undertaking new types of projects under its new strategy. For example, it is expanding its development activities to include co-constructing and animating mixed-use places organized around housing, offices, hotels, nurseries, major urban infrastructures, leisure, culture and health centres.

The new projects include the Coresi Avantgarden residential complex, that will be the largest urban regeneration project in Romania; the construction of a railway station in Vigo, Spain; mixed operations in the new district of La Cloche d’Or, Luxembourg; the development of a residential and offices district in Lille, France.

At the same time Ceetrus aims to improve some of its existing sites in France and Italy.


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