Desana in €7m funding round as occupiers seek savings

A company that provides global employers ways to implement hybrid workspace strategies at scale, has raised equity to fund its next growth phase.

Desana’s funding round has been backed to the tune of €7 mln ($7.4 mln) co-led by PT1- PropTech Ventures and JLL Spark Global Ventures. Original pre-seed investor, Techstart Ventures, also participated alongside BGF and Groundbreak Ventures.

The company says investors are seeing the potential in its product given a key driver for growth has been the rise in hybrid and flexible working patterns that have caused huge business inefficiencies through expensive and underutilised work space, with 5% occupancy now common.

Alongside accurate data to support workspace decisions and strategy, Desana promotes its business by saying it can save businesses 65%-95% on real estate overheads, without reducing headcount.

Desana is using the funding to help expand, particularly in the US where customers include Github, Twilio, Sonos, Elastic and Splunk.

Tanguy Quero, investment principal at JLL Spark Global Ventures, said Desana’s platform helped companies ‘address the challenge of managing a distributed workforce with a hybrid or flexible model’.

Michael Cockburn, CEO and co-founder of Desana, said: ‘We’ve come a long way from launching our initial product from our living rooms in Edinburgh, to working at a global scale with some of the biggest companies in the world as they fundamentally rethink the way they utilise office space.’

‘We established Desana ahead of one of the biggest shifts in working culture for generations, and this unprecedented transition has driven a huge amount of growth for us. But, given the scale of the change in this industry, we believe that there’s still so much more to come.’


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