Clockwise launches flexible office that doesn't require real estate

UK and Europe flexible workspace operator Clockwise has unveiled plans to launch the first office space in the metaverse, the Clockwise Campus, creating a virtual platform for its members and the public to interact. 

Set to launch in the next two months, the resource will be inspired by Clockwise’s physical offices and create digital areas for its users to connect such as dedicated meeting rooms, desk spaces, breakout spaces, call zones and a contemplation space.

There will also be an amphitheatre space which will launch a schedule of large scale events, from talks and presentations to more intimate panel discussions and fireside chats from industry pioneers and inspirational figures.

The digital property is based on designs by its longstanding collaborator, architecture and design studio MoreySmith.

Alexandra Livesey, COO of Clockwise, described it as a resource where the usual 'limitations of physical buildings don't apply'.

She said: 'We are very excited to unveil our plans to launch our Clockwise Campus, the first ever workspace in the metaverse.

'Available to our members as an additional space for them to utilise, the Clockwise Campus will also be accessible by the wider public. By design this will facilitate further business connections and entrepreneurial collaboration - in a whole new digital dimension.

'We will also use it to host an exciting programme of events; focused on leadership, innovation and wellness. Operationally it will work much like our physical Clockwise offices, but on a larger scale.

'It will be a place where the usual restrictions around sqft and limitations of physical buildings don’t apply, where practical considerations such as weather and maintenance are unnecessary - a sort of Clockwise utopia.'

Flexible workspaces have continued to accelerate in popularity as employers and individuals have sought additional options to the classic office lease, while remote working remains a highly attractive benefit for employees.

Yet Clockwise said that the new platform would tackle the downsides of digital work, namely, issues of loneliness and lack of community.

Clockwise currently operates 15 physical flexible workspaces across the UK and Europe.


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