ChatGPT integrated into SharpLaunch platform

With seemingly everyone trying to figure out if the opensource Artificial Intelligence software ChatGPT can assist them in their job, it is no surprise proptech companies are also turning to it.

SharpLaunch, which owns a commercial real estate marketing software service for owners and landlords, has recently said it has integrated with ChatGPT in a way that ‘promises to transform the way commercial real estate properties are marketed’.

The practical application is to ‘automatically generate optimized property description with a single click’.

SharpLaunch said the new feature gives property owners and agents ‘increased engagement’ plus better search engine optimization, and reduced workload for sale and marketing teams.

In other words, it promises increased speed to market above all, and help in getting more eyes on properties to improve sales prospects.

‘This integration is a game-changer for commercial real estate brokers and landlords, allowing them to save time, increase efficiency, and improve the visibility of their listings,’ said Stefan Olaru, head of development.

Once a human inputs their language, the AI tool analyses inputs to produce a ‘coherent and detailed’ description.




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