Central Business Tower: blending history with innovation in Frankfurt

Helaba’s cbt skyscraper development in the centre of Frankfurt integrates history, modern design and sustainable technology in a fully amenitised complex set to grace the city’s skyline by 2027.

Frankfurt, a city with a rich history and great cultural significance, has always known how to preserve its roots while promoting progress. There are many examples: from the world's oldest book fair, which still exists today, to Europe's largest internet hub. Tradition and the future are also the hallmarks of what is probably the most exciting property currently under construction: the Central Business Tower (cbt).

New landmark
Helaba and its subsidiary OFB Projektentwicklung, together with the general contractor Ed. Züblin AG, are building a landmark skyscraper on Neue Mainzer and Junghofstrasse by 2027. At a height of 205 metres, the building will offer breathtaking views of the Odenwald, Taunus and Spessart mountains. All this in an ideal location on the green belt of the historic Wallanlagen and with a direct connection to public transport. The 72,500 square metres of rental space spread over 52 floors offers a wide range of possibilities for companies, institutions and facilities. From catering and retail space to office and shopping areas, the cbt will offer space for urban diversity.

Architecture combines tradition and modernity
The extraordinary architecture of cbt, by internationally renowned firm KSP Engel, blends classical and modern elements. For example, by integrating the historical bank building into the base, the cbt pays tribute to tradition and reminds us that economic success and generation-spanning responsibility can go hand in hand. Helaba prioritizes sustainability, utilizing advanced technology to set new standards in energy efficiency and sustainable construction. Innovative materials like CPM-Basecrete are used, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 57 percent.

A structural engineer's dream
The construction of the cbt is marked by substantial technical challenges, requiring profound expertise in engineering, structures, and materials. The project employs a bored pile wall, a specialized technique in the construction industry, to ensure stable excavation enclosures, particularly crucial due to the challenging soil conditions in central Frankfurt. A bored pile wall is employed to stabilize the excavation due to the soil conditions in Frankfurt's heart. This has led to the creation of the city's deepest excavation pit, showcasing exceptional engineering to accommodate high-rise construction requirements.

Boldly and innovatively into the future
The Central Business Tower promises not only a remarkable architectural presence on the city's skyline, but also optimal use of space and resources. The integration of history, modern design and sustainable technology makes this tower an outstanding example of what modern engineering and architecture can achieve. It is a tribute to the rich history of Frankfurt, a city that has always preserved its original character while boldly and innovatively embracing the future.


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