Camille Dufieux to take over as managing director of IntReal

Camille Dufieux has been appointed as managing director of German real estate investment manager IntReal as of 1 January 2024.

She will lead the company alongside Andreas Ertle and Michael Schneider.

Her sphere of responsibility will include investment policy/funds-of-funds mandates, portfolio supervision/portfolio management, and transactions.

Dufieux will also continue to serve as conducting officer in the senior management of IntReal Luxembourg, a function she has been performing since 2021.

She began her professional career in 1998 as a credit analyst in Eurohypo's international real estate business unit in Frankfurt and also worked for HSH Nordbank in Hamburg and Warburg-Henderson KAG für Immobilien.

Dufieux joined IntReal in 2010 as a portfolio supervisor and authorized signatory, and was promoted to head of the portfolio supervision unit in 2012.

Michael Schneider, managing director at Intreal, commented: ‘Camille Dufieux is a very experienced and esteemed colleague who successfully assumed leadership responsibility more than once over the past years. So, it pleases us all the more that she will take on a senior position within our company now and play a definitive role in shaping its further development.’

Andreas Ertle, managing director at Intreal, added: 'Intreal has grown swiftly over the past years. Indeed, the number of employees crossed the mark of 500 in 2023 while the assets under management are approaching €70 bn. It is against this background that we decided to expand the senior management and thereby to set INTREAL up for the future. It makes me particularly happy that we were able to find the perfect candidate for the job among our own staff in Camille Dufieux.'

Dufieux added: ‘I feel very honoured by the faith vested in me and by the opportunity to contribute the experience I have gained over long years of working for Intreal to the company’s leadership and to share the responsibility of shaping its further growth in a senior position.’


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