CBRE creates partnership with UK shed marketplace Stowga

CBRE has entered into a strategic relationship with Stowga, an online UK marketplace for renting warehouse space, becoming its real estate advisory partner.

As part of the agreement, CBRE has made an equity investment in Stowga.

Online platform Stowga connects warehouse occupiers, owners and third-party logistics companies with short-term surplus space capacity, with retail businesses that require warehouse and logistic services on an on-demand basis.

'Technological advances are driving an ever-increasing omni-channel environment, which brings unique challenges but also fantastic opportunities for our clients,' said Martin Samworth, CEO, EMEA at CBRE (pictured). 'Our strategic relationship with Stowga demonstrates CBRE’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of digital innovation and at the heart of the business of retail.'

Demand for flexible storage is expected to increase, says CBRE, fuelled by the growth of omni-channel retailing and other trends. CBRE will transact ‘on demand’ and short-term logistics requirements for clients through Stowga’s platform. The use of the Stowga platform will allow landlord and occupier clients to capture additional revenue opportunities from surplus and underutilized space.

'CBRE is the leading real estate advisor in the warehousing and logistics sector and our partnership with them means we can accelerate our mission to create a network of spaces where inventory is not constrained by static space, and is instead stored in exactly the right place, at the right time,' said Charlie Pool, founder and CEO of Stowga. 'In doing so we will optimise warehouse space, generating more money for their operators whilst providing a better service and reducing costs for their customers.'


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