BNP Paribas creates cross-disciplinary roles for senior management

Pan-European asset manager BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management (BNP Paribas REIM) has announced a number of strategic cross-disciplinary appointments, in a bid to better exploit the skills of its top management. 

The programme sees a number of country heads given additional responsiblities, including country CEO for France, Sigrid Duhamel, who has been appointed as global chief investment officer.

Claus Thomas will take up a new role overseeing separate account activities and the UK market, in parallel with his responsibility as country CEO for Germany, while Jean-Maxime Jouis, head of fund management for France, will also become global head of fund management.

Xavier Mouette, previously head of key client group, has been appointed European senior transaction manager and will be in charge of business growth, especially for Spain and Benelux.

Nathalie Charles, global head of investment management at BNP Paribas Real Estate, said: 'By structuring our governance we intend to grow the company’s European footprint while maintaining its market-specific expertise.

'To continue building momentum in our business we clearly consider both our strong European identity and local specialties as key factors for the company’s plans.

'Our experts have a strong collective knowledge, experience and practical know-how of operating in the continent’s diverse real estate markets. This is key to achieving our goal of delivering the best outcomes for our clients.'

BNP Paribas Paribas REIM employs more than 350 professionals, covering eight European countries.


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