7R tasked experts to build zero-emission warehouse

Polish warehouse developer 7R has appointed a group of experts from various fields to develop and implement a functional zero-emission warehouse.

The Green Team consists of property managers, engineers, project and development managers and architects.

It is led by Piotr Miodek, head of construction & engineering and head of sustainability at 7R.

With over 12 years of experience in the logistics industry, he is an expert in creating and implementing ESG strategies.

Miodek will also advise on the use of effective environmental solutions to increase the operational and cost efficiency of buildings, and is also responsible for BTS facilities.

Tomasz Lubowiecki, CEO and founder of 7R, said: ‘Care for the environment and reducing our impact on climate change are two of the most important elements in creating our future. Together with the development of artificial intelligence, ESG projects are key investments of today. That's why, at 7R, we have decided that they will determine the direction of our development. Our goal is to create a functional, zero-emission building.’

Piotr Miodek, head of construction & engineering and head of sustainability, added: ‘We wanted 7R’s Green Team to bring together passionate people who care about ecology and are interested in matters related to climate change. Thanks to such a diverse team, we can analyse new technological solutions from every angle, both from the technical perspective and in terms of use. This gives us the ability to introduce new solutions and explore innovations more quickly, thus enabling us to meet our ambitious climate goals.’

The experts have been divided into working groups that analyse and set new directions of development in areas such as BREEAM, the European Green Deal, taxonomy, the use of hydrogen, as well as the specification of a zero-emission warehouse.

The plan is to create energy-efficient warehouses and all upcoming projects are verified to ensure that they reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

7R will soon launch several projects with a 50% lower carbon footprint compared to standard buildings built in 2021.

Additionally, 7R plans to bring competitively priced zero-emission warehouses to market by 2026.


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