Football stars' Spanish REIT makes stock market debut

Mistral Real Estate, the Spanish REIT owned by former star football players Ronaldo Nazario, Juan Manuel Mata and Fernando Llorente has made its stock market debut with a 6% hike on its share price.

Shares in the Socimi launched at €1.05 on October 16, 5% above the price marked in the prospectus, before closing its first day of trading at €1.06. The company has a total value of €22 mln and is listed on Madrid's MAB, the country's alternative stock market.

Incorporated in January 2018, Mistral focuses on acquiring stakes in other Spanish Socimis, with investments to date in Domo Activos, Atom Hotels, Árima, Lar España Real Estate and Inbest Prime.

Its principal shareholder is HFMX, a company based in Ireland which controls 25.15% of its capital. Mistral's second largest shareholder is Ronaldo, who owns 12.27% of the firm, while Mata owns 11.26% and Llorente 9.09%.

Mistral's chairman and sole adminstrator is Juan José Álvarez García, a shareholder with a 1.32% direct stake and an indirect stake, through Mistral Investment Management, of 0.84%.

Mistral said it expected its results to improve from €572,539.59 this year to €701,674.76 in 2020, up 22.5%.

Former Brazil striker Ronaldo is also the majority shareholder in football club Real Valladolid, after buying 51% of the Spanish top-flight club from its president, Carlos Suarez, last year.


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