AEW’s Ofschonka to become head of Germany as Boenning retires in 2024

AEW has announced the firm’s plans for the future management of its German platform with the appointment of Christina Ofschonka as new head of AEW Germany in November 2024.

The move follows German chief Stephan Boenning’s decision to retire from his full-time role. Boenning has led AEW’s German business for 18 years, growing the platform to represent €7.5 bn of assets and vehicles managed by the German team with 3 locations and 55 professionals operating from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich as at 30 June 2023.
With 17 years of industry experience, Ofschonka is currently head of Fund Management for AEW’s German platform and a member of the Management Board of AEW invest alongside Stephan Boenning, Gereon Kohlgruber and Axel Peinemann.

She is also a member of AEW’s European Investment Committee Board and will join the European Executive Committee in 2024. She will continue her existing responsibilities during the transition period. She has worked closely with Stephan in growing AEW’s German business since joining AEW in 2016, having overall responsibility for the funds under management, including oversight of fund strategy, portfolio construction and client relationships.

Stephan Boenning is retiring in 2024 after a 33 year career in real estate, over 18 years of which have been spent as AEW’s head of Germany overseeing AEW’s German and Central European business activities, including fund and separate account management, investments and asset management, and the acquisition of AIFM Hypoport Invest GmbH and resulting creation of AEW Invest GmbH. Stephan will join the Supervisory Board for AEW Invest GmbH in 2024.
Rob Wilkinson, European CEO at AEW, commented: 'We are pleased to announce our succession plans for AEW’s German platform, ensuring we can continue to deliver the highest quality of service and performance for our clients. Christina’s upcoming appointment as head of Germany is both a reflection of the significant contribution Christina has made to our business and our desire to promote and nurture our own talent. Germany is a critical market for AEW where we have strong ambitions to grow our platform and Christina is well placed to achieve that goal.'


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