Sustainable Futures


Date: Tuesday 11 June

Venue: PROVADA, Amsterdam (Amsterdam RAI) The Arena stage (12-60)

Time: 1430-1515

Theme: ‘Sustainable Futures’ - Meeting ambitious sustainability criteria has become significant in property valuation due to regulatory requirements, stakeholder expectations and future proofing of your asset.  No longer is this criteria a 'nice to have' it is in many instances a binary choice which will determine whether financing will be made available.  

The 'sustainable futures' panel discussion at PROVADA, Amsterdam will consider the views of our panel of experts on topics including legislative considerations and how they differ across borders, benchmarking systems, policing and incentives for ensuring compliance and how this can still make sense in a challenging economic cycle.  

Join us on Day 1 from the Arena stage (12-60) at PROVADA Register HERE or turn up during PROVADA.  We Look forward to seeing you.  


Marco Villares, Senior Consultant Sustainability, Drees and Sommer

Marco Villares, a seasoned professional with a diverse background in the built environment, sustainability, communication, and training, holds a degree in architecture from the UK and a master’s in industrial ecology from the Netherlands. An experienced architect, in September 2022, he joined Drees & Sommer Netherlands as a sustainability consultant, contributing to the growth of the sustainability and ESG consulting sector within the Dutch division of Real Estate Consulting.

Christoph Schmitz-Wenzel, Managing Director Head of Real Estate Amsterdam, Bayerische Landesbank

Christoph Schmitz-Wenzel is Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Amsterdam of BayernLB. Before opening the Branch in Amsterdam in 2023, he was responsible for BeNeLux real estate customers and real estate fund customers of the bank. His more than 25 years experience includes various international postings of the bank in London as well as Asia.  Christoph holds Masters Degrees of the University of Oxford (PPE) as well as Bonn (Economics).

Iris Kampers, Associate director Sustainability advisor, Savills Netherlands

Since 2021, Iris has been responsible for the integration of ESG into Savills’ operations. Iris has a background in biology and uses her experience in the field to support all departments at Savills in the Netherlands with optimizing new business opportunities and develop innovative solutions. This ensures that clients can rely on Savills to consistently deliver the high quality of work they expect, while ensuring our products and services are future-proof.