MIPIM 2022: Sad sight as Ukraine information board lists 31 companies that could not be at the show

The ‘Stand with Ukraine’ area inside the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes bears testament to the fact that so many participants from the country have not made the business trip.

Some 31 companies and organisations are listed as being unable to come, including the Ukrainian Real Estate Club, Kyiv Investment Agency, LvivTech.City, Midlands Development Ukraine, Masnavi Capital, Kyic City Administration, Unit.City, and Mandarin Plaza Group whose new luxury shopping mall project, Mandarin Plaza in Kyiv, close to the centre of the capital city would have been heavily promoted.

The display board also shows fundraising initiatives such as Save Life, a charity fund helping the Ukrainian army since 2014, and Army SOS, a volunteer organisation helping soldiers.

Organiser, Anna Nestulia, said: ‘Due to the Russian invasion of the country, the Ukrainian real estate community cannot attend Mipim this year. Instead, they must focus on defending the country, its people, freedom, and independence.'

Nevertheless, Nestulia ran a special event at midday where guest speakers debated the impact of the conflict, some of whom sported yellow and blue badges or scarves (pictured).


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