Outlook 2018: Europe & SEE

Welcome to the first PropertyEU Investment Briefing in Bucharest

Economic growth in South East Europe is picking up and attracting more foreign investment to the region. What are the prospects in the year ahead?

Liquidity is abundant and there are many opportunities in the market. Which countries are emerging as winners? What is the outlook for Greece as it tries to leave the crisis behind? What do other South-Eastern European countries have to offer investors? What about sectors - will international investors continue to target offices and retail? Will the competitive labour market and increasing labour shortages in Romania and Bulgaria limit office market activity? Are investors beginning to look outside Bucharest and Sofia to regional cities? Will the retail sector continue to benefit from economic growth and higher wages? The residential sector has seen big prices increases, notably in Bulgaria: will this trend continue or is there a risk of a bubble? Logistics is booming in such a well-located region - will this trend continue? Tourism is increasing at a rapid pace - how is the hotel sector performing?

Come to this time-efficient briefing, hear the view of market-leading experts and get to ask your own questions. Attendance is free, but registration is essential: please book now to ensure your place.